Shadows of Steel City (World Of Darkness: Pittsburgh)

Dropping dead at the Coffee Shop
PreSession with Group

Note: Group wanted to know how they meet so we came up with a collaborative story. Still need to flesh out powers for each character and their otherside’s visage.

The three of them looked at each other and then at the cops outside. People were crowding around the cordon yellow tape as even a new crew was showing up. Desi tapped her cigarette against the empty coffee cup and ash cascaded off before she took another long drag looking out at the crowd outside. Lawrence shook his head and flicked his thumb across his phone the sound booming out of the ear buds from under his hoodie. Jacob just stared down at his coffee cup his fists clenched.

“This is bullshit.” he stated plainly.

“How do you think I feel” said the old man across from him in response, “Hey I’m not blaming you kid, you did what you could and I didn’t really take good care of myself… So I guess I died. There’s no going back now. I’m here… my bodies over there.” he explained with a shrug ”Could be worse… could have been asked by some nice young lady to go out to a movie later… maybe we would feel peckish and get something to eat and talk about her choice in dresses for working at a coffee shop.”

Desi jerked a little the slight sign of a smile started to show before fading from a face that had stopped smiling a few years ago.

Jacob couldn’t look up at him. He was frustrated. Angry. Angry for the argument and pestering that got him to the back of the coffee shop. Angry about finding other people like him and not knowing how to explain the joy of not being alone anymore the empathy of knowing how they felt. Angry when he tried to save someone and watched them die in front of him knowing it was going to happen beforehand. Angry he couldn’t stop it.

A little over thirty minutes ago the trio and moved from where they had meet to the front of the shop when Desi cursed and clenched her fists. The three of them watched as the elderly man out front dropped his coffee clutched the arm that had dropped the coffee and fallen over. Desi stood still as Jacob slide over the counter and out into the street. Lawrence had gone to the window and called 911 and eventually gone outside. Desi had watched with her arms folded across her chest the whole time emotionless. After performing CPR on the guy for over thirty minutes straight the paramedics showed up. Jacob had watched the man’s face loose color after they wrenched Jacob off of him and tried to give him oxygen and shock him back to life. It was too late. Looking back at his reflection in the glass window at the front of the coffee shop Jacob saw the visage of the man next to him nodding knowingly.

Desi had gone back inside and lit up a cigarette, the owner started to tell her something put a sharp pointing of a finger in his direction from her free hand silenced him. As Lawrence and Jacob slide into the booth across from her the owner brought them each a cup of coffee and an empty one Desi to use as an ashtray. Everyone had fallen silent.

”You couldn’t have changed it you know…” Desi began, It’s going to happen regardless of what you do.” she stated.

Desi explained with a hushed voice she had known for the last five years working at the coffee shop what was going to happen. She had tried things subtle and abrasive and it never changed anything for the time and date. The outcome was predertermined.

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